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Hello Everyone! Thank you all for supporting me during the last year and a half. I started this business in February 2021 to connect families with their students at Cal Poly. During that time, I met many people, had interesting conversations, and made a ton of smiles. As someone who is on the spectrum, charcuterie has allowed me to express my creativity freely and in a safe space.


After careful consideration, I decided that I need to be able to have time to recover from my full-time job, studying & applying for graduate programs, and the many travel plans that I have with my partner. With that being said, I will no longer be making charcuterie boards. I will still have my Instagram and website to display the boards I make for myself and my loved ones; however, I will not sell anymore. I hope you all continue to see my Instagram as an inspiration for your boards! I’ll also offer suggestions regarding wine pairings or cheese recommendations. I would love to see the boards that you make with loved ones!


I’ll always cherish the kind words everyone has made about my creations- it was all worth every smile. Thank you again for all the support <3 <3

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